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Summer Hills Executive Village Antipolo lot for sale

Summer Hills Executive Village( OLALIA ROAD, CONNECTING SUMULONG AND MARCOS HI-WAY, ANTIPOLO CITY )DEVELOPER: STA. LUCIA REALTY AND DEVELOPMENT INCAccessibility: short drive from sta. lucia mall, near cogeo market, schools and hospital and Antipolo Robinsons Mall ...….An old way of living… Sometime, Somewhere.Out of all the locations in the land one was found to finally establish the first permanent settlement in the hills of Antipolo –SummerHill Executive Village.WE HAVE PROMO DISCOUNT 20% DOWNPAYMENT WITH 20% DISCOUNT BASED ON 20% DOWNPAYMENTTerms:( 20% downpayment - within 7 days with 10% discount ) 80% bal. 5 0r 10 yrs. to pay at first yr. no interest & next 4th years or 9th yrs. at 14% interest per annum. or 2 years to pay zero interest.PHASE 4Price Effective MAY 2018LOT AREA ----------------------204 sqm.PRICE/SQM. --------------------P 7,600TOTAL CONTRACT PRICE--------P 1,550,400 20% DOWNPAYMENT--------------------------P 310,080LESS RESERVATION FEE ---------------------P 10,000 ( If you Reserve )10% DISCOUNT IF PAID WITH IN 7 DAYS---P 31,008NET DOWNPAYMENT---------------------------P 269,072 80% BALANCE ---------------------------------P 1,240,320 MONTHLY AMORTIZATION:SCHEME A. 5 YEARS TO PAY FIRST YEAR NO INTEREST---------------------------------------P 20,6722ND TO 5TH YEAR at 14% INTEREST P.A (0.027326476 )----P 27,114.86 SCHEME B. 10 YEARS TO PAY FIRST YEAR NO INTEREST --------------------------------------P 10,3362ND TO 10TH YEAR at 14% INTEREST P.A(0.016333701)----P 18,233.11SCHEME C. 2 YEARS TO PAY ZERO INTEREST-------------------------------P 51,680NOTE: Thru in-house finance.

Blue Mountains Commercial and Residential Estate

BLUE MOUNTAINS COMMERCIAL AND RESIDENTIAL ESTATE, Antipolo &lt.br /&gt.Along Marcos Highway and Sumulong Highway. &lt.br /&gt.Enjoy the Antipolo cool breeze and yet be close to commercial establishments.&lt.br /&gt.Terms:&lt.br /&gt.20% Downpayment – within 7 Days with 20% discount or 20% Downpayment 6 Months To Pay&lt.br /&gt.80% bal. 5 or 10 yrs. to pay -if 5 yrs. first yr. no interest , 2nd to 5th year at 14% int. per annum &lt.br /&gt. If 10 yrs. to pay – first yr no interest, 2nd to 10th yr. at 14% interest per annum. &lt.br /&gt. Or 2 years to pay zero interest.&lt.br /&gt.Phase 2 – expansion phase – preselling. – pictures attach were taken May 2018. (Phase 1 is already an existing community with several residents) &lt.br /&gt.Lot Area 150 sqm., 200 sqm. and Above&lt.br /&gt.Inner Lot at P 15,000 price per sqm.&lt.br /&gt.Corner Lot at P 15,500 per sqm.&lt.br /&gt.SAMPLE COMPUTATION for RESIDENTIAL LOT 150 sqm. &lt.br /&gt.LOT AREA ------------------------- 150 sqm.&lt.br /&gt.PRICE/SQM. -------------------- P 15,000&lt.br /&gt.TOTAL CONTRACT PRICE--------P 2,250,000&lt.br /&gt.&lt.br /&gt.20% DOWNPAYMENT----------------------------- P 450,000&lt.br /&gt.LESS RESERVATION FEE-------------------------- P 20,000&lt.br /&gt.20% DISCOUNT IF PAID WITHIN 7 DAYS------ P 90,000&lt.br /&gt.NET DOWNPAYMENT------------------------------P 340,000&lt.br /&gt.&lt.br /&gt.80% BALANCE ------------------------------------ P 1,800,000&lt.br /&gt.&lt.br /&gt.MONTHLY AMORTIZATION:&lt.br /&gt.&lt.br /&gt.SCHEME A. &lt.br /&gt.5 YEARS TO PAY &lt.br /&gt.FIRST YEAR NO INTEREST---------------------------------------P 30,000&lt.br /&gt.2ND TO 5TH YEAR at 14% INTEREST P.A (0.027326476 )---P 39,250.12&lt.br /&gt.&lt.br /&gt.SCHEME B. &lt.br /&gt.10 YEARS TO PAY &lt.br /&gt.FIRST YEAR NO INTEREST ---------------------------------------P 15,000&lt.br /&gt.2ND TO 10TH YEAR at 14% INTEREST P.A (0.016333701)---P 26,460.59&lt.br /&gt.SCHEME C. &lt.br /&gt.2 YEARS TO PAY ZERO INTEREST-------------------------------P 75,000&lt.br /&gt.Thru in-house finance&lt.br /&gt.For inquiries or site visit, please get in touch with Eugene Ongkeko

LOT FOR SALE in ORO VISTA GRANDE Brgy Inarawan Antipolo

ORO VISTA GRANDE IN INARAWAN, ANTIPOLO CITY TOTAL LAND SQM : 204,529 Developed by Sta Lucia Realty With its cool, country fresh air away from smog and pollution, Oro Vista Grande offers an ideal setting where your growing family can live a healthy lifestyle. Master planned modern community - A 15-hectare development atop the pristine highlands of Antipolo City, Oro Vista Grande harmoniously blends the ambiance of country living and modern-day urban convenience. A master-planned community designed for a privileged lifestyle, it offers its select homeowners verdant landscapes, hilly terrain, cool climate and picturesque vistas of the Ortigas skyline and other parts of Metro Manila. Home with a view -- ideal for your growing family, its fully developed facilities and secure environment allow your family to enjoy a fun-filled day every day of the week. The clubhouse with multi-purpose hall can serve as venue for grand banguets or other festive activities. Your family also has a choice of recreational amenities such as a swimming pool, open tennis courts and basketball court. Minimum size of lots 54 sqm and to up...Inquire for the availability of the lot. Price/sqm: 9,744/sqm- inner lot 10,304/sqm- corner lot Reservation Fee: Php 10,000 Terms of Payment Alternative 1: 20% Down Payment payable in 3 months, 80% Balance payable in 5 or 10 years at 14% Int.P.A, 1st YR NO INTEREST. DOWN PAYMENT DISCOUNT: 10% - if paid within 7 days SAMPLE COMPUTATION: Lot area                                                89sqm Price per sqm                                  9,744.00 TOTAL LOT PRICE                       867,216.00 20% Down Payment                  173,443.20 Reservation Fee                            10,000.00 10% Disc if paid w/in 7 days       17,344.32 Net Downpayment                    143,098.88 80% Balance                               693,772.80 5yrs 1st yr no interest                 11,562.88 2nd-5th yr at 14% Int.P.A.           15,166.69 10yrs 1st yr no interest                 5,781.44 2nd-10th yr at 14% Int.P.A.        10,198.69 FEATURES & HIGHLIGHTS: Entrance gates with guardhouse Perimeter fence Wide Roads Concrete curbs and gutters Paved Sidewalks Underground drainage system Centralized water supply system Clubhouse With Multi Purpose Hall Open Tennis Court Open Basketball Court For inquiries, computation, lot viewing schedule and reservation, here are all the ways you can contact me. Look for MS. J R - RHMC - Division STP --- *0*9*9*5--*2*5*2*3*4*7*7*---

Lots for Sale in Antipolo City: A Little Something for Everyone

Antipolo City lies 26 kilometers east of Manila. It is perhaps best known for  the Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage, an image of the Blessed Virgin Mary that was brought by the Spaniards to the Philippines from Mexico that is now enshrined inside Antipolo Cathedral. With a population of 776,386, it is the most populous city in both the province of Rizal, where it serves as the seat of the provincial government, and Region IV-A (CALABARZON). In 2005, the Department of Finance classified Antipolo as a first class city after the city government derived an income amounting to Php 993.1 million.

Out of the city’s 16 barangays and 456 residential subdivisions, there are a number of places that come to mind when looking for lots in Antipolo. These areas are Inarawan, San Jose and Santa Cruz.


Lots for Sale in Inarawan, Antipolo City

Bordered by  Barangays San Juan, Cupang and Bagong Nayon, Inarawan is the fourth largest barangay in Antipolo in terms of land area, and it is not a surprise to see a lot of subdivisions and residential areas here. Lots are available at Oro Vista Grande for Php6000 per sqm or Php432,000 for a 72 sqm lot. The subdivision has a clubhouse with multi-purpose halls, swimming pool, open tennis court and an open basketball court.

Another residential lot is for sale at Sun Valley Estates, near Forest Hills Golf and Country Club. All lots are at least 300 sqm and a 380 sqm lot in Phase 1 is available for only Php1.8 million. A 343 sqm residential lot at Forest Hills Subdivision is being offered at Php4,300 per sqm. The subdivision has a world-class golf course, aqua park and clubhouse; and is a few minutes away to malls, schools, grocery and church.


Lots for Sale in San Jose, Antipolo City

With a land area of 13,787.77 hectares and population of 103,051, San Jose is the largest barangay in terms of land area and second  largest barangay in terms of population in Antipolo. A 60 sqm lot is available for only Php925,000. Another 437 sqm lot is available for only Php4.2 million.


Lots for Sale in Santa Cruz, Antipolo City

Santa Cruz,bordered by Barangays Bagong Nayon, Mambugan, Munting Dilao and Dela Paz, is the fifth largest barangay in Antipolo. It is also one of the least populated barangays of the city, with only 62,992 residents. Lots are cheaper here with a 626 sqm lot for sale for only Php626,000. A 714 sqm lot is available for only Php1.6 million. For also Php1.6 million, you can get a 726 sqm lot. A 400 sqm lot is also available at Php920,000.