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Blue Mountains Commercial and Residential Estate

BLUE MOUNTAINS COMMERCIAL AND RESIDENTIAL ESTATE, Antipolo &lt.br /&gt.Along Marcos Highway and Sumulong Highway. &lt.br /&gt.Enjoy the Antipolo cool breeze and yet be close to commercial establishments.&lt.br /&gt.Terms:&lt.br /&gt.20% Downpayment – within 7 Days with 20% discount or 20% Downpayment 6 Months To Pay&lt.br /&gt.80% bal. 5 or 10 yrs. to pay -if 5 yrs. first yr. no interest , 2nd to 5th year at 14% int. per annum &lt.br /&gt. If 10 yrs. to pay – first yr no interest, 2nd to 10th yr. at 14% interest per annum. &lt.br /&gt. Or 2 years to pay zero interest.&lt.br /&gt.Phase 2 – expansion phase – preselling. – pictures attach were taken May 2018. (Phase 1 is already an existing community with several residents) &lt.br /&gt.Lot Area 150 sqm., 200 sqm. and Above&lt.br /&gt.Inner Lot at P 15,000 price per sqm.&lt.br /&gt.Corner Lot at P 15,500 per sqm.&lt.br /&gt.SAMPLE COMPUTATION for RESIDENTIAL LOT 150 sqm. &lt.br /&gt.LOT AREA ------------------------- 150 sqm.&lt.br /&gt.PRICE/SQM. -------------------- P 15,000&lt.br /&gt.TOTAL CONTRACT PRICE--------P 2,250,000&lt.br /&gt.&lt.br /&gt.20% DOWNPAYMENT----------------------------- P 450,000&lt.br /&gt.LESS RESERVATION FEE-------------------------- P 20,000&lt.br /&gt.20% DISCOUNT IF PAID WITHIN 7 DAYS------ P 90,000&lt.br /&gt.NET DOWNPAYMENT------------------------------P 340,000&lt.br /&gt.&lt.br /&gt.80% BALANCE ------------------------------------ P 1,800,000&lt.br /&gt.&lt.br /&gt.MONTHLY AMORTIZATION:&lt.br /&gt.&lt.br /&gt.SCHEME A. &lt.br /&gt.5 YEARS TO PAY &lt.br /&gt.FIRST YEAR NO INTEREST---------------------------------------P 30,000&lt.br /&gt.2ND TO 5TH YEAR at 14% INTEREST P.A (0.027326476 )---P 39,250.12&lt.br /&gt.&lt.br /&gt.SCHEME B. &lt.br /&gt.10 YEARS TO PAY &lt.br /&gt.FIRST YEAR NO INTEREST ---------------------------------------P 15,000&lt.br /&gt.2ND TO 10TH YEAR at 14% INTEREST P.A (0.016333701)---P 26,460.59&lt.br /&gt.SCHEME C. &lt.br /&gt.2 YEARS TO PAY ZERO INTEREST-------------------------------P 75,000&lt.br /&gt.Thru in-house finance&lt.br /&gt.For inquiries or site visit, please get in touch with Eugene Ongkeko
₱ 2,250,000
150 m²
Land Size

Summer Hills Executive Village Antipolo lot for sale

Summer Hills Executive Village( OLALIA ROAD, CONNECTING SUMULONG AND MARCOS HI-WAY, ANTIPOLO CITY )DEVELOPER: STA. LUCIA REALTY AND DEVELOPMENT INCAccessibility: short drive from sta. lucia mall, near cogeo market, schools and hospital and Antipolo Robinsons Mall ...….An old way of living… Sometime, Somewhere.Out of all the locations in the land one was found to finally establish the first permanent settlement in the hills of Antipolo –SummerHill Executive Village.WE HAVE PROMO DISCOUNT 20% DOWNPAYMENT WITH 20% DISCOUNT BASED ON 20% DOWNPAYMENTTerms:( 20% downpayment - within 7 days with 10% discount ) 80% bal. 5 0r 10 yrs. to pay at first yr. no interest & next 4th years or 9th yrs. at 14% interest per annum. or 2 years to pay zero interest.PHASE 4Price Effective MAY 2018LOT AREA ----------------------204 sqm.PRICE/SQM. --------------------P 7,600TOTAL CONTRACT PRICE--------P 1,550,400 20% DOWNPAYMENT--------------------------P 310,080LESS RESERVATION FEE ---------------------P 10,000 ( If you Reserve )10% DISCOUNT IF PAID WITH IN 7 DAYS---P 31,008NET DOWNPAYMENT---------------------------P 269,072 80% BALANCE ---------------------------------P 1,240,320 MONTHLY AMORTIZATION:SCHEME A. 5 YEARS TO PAY FIRST YEAR NO INTEREST---------------------------------------P 20,6722ND TO 5TH YEAR at 14% INTEREST P.A (0.027326476 )----P 27,114.86 SCHEME B. 10 YEARS TO PAY FIRST YEAR NO INTEREST --------------------------------------P 10,3362ND TO 10TH YEAR at 14% INTEREST P.A(0.016333701)----P 18,233.11SCHEME C. 2 YEARS TO PAY ZERO INTEREST-------------------------------P 51,680NOTE: Thru in-house finance.
₱ 1,550,400
204 m²
Land Size

Antipolo, Rizal Lot For Sale: Investing In The Pilgrimage Capital of the Philippines

Antipolo City is the capital city of Rizal province and the most populous city in the entire region of CALABARZON. It’s famously known as a popular pilgrimage destination, especially for the Marian image of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage, so much so that it’s often called the “Pilgrimage Capital of the Philippines.”

It’s also a common tourist destination for those who live in Metro Manila since it’s only a few minutes away from the city center. Antipolo’s elevated topography offers visitors a gorgeous view of the city below, as well as cool temperatures and plenty of natural wonders to delight in. These attractive characteristics make investing in an Antipolo, Rizal lot for sale, either for business or personal purposes, well worth it. 

Nearby Establishments 

Proximity to most modern conveniences is an important value-adding feature to look out for when buying land, and just about any Antipolo, Rizal lot for sale has this in spades. 

These are just some of the first-rate shopping centers you can check out in the vicinity:

  • Vista Mall Antipolo
  • Xentro Mall Antipolo
  • Robinsons Place Antipolo
  • SM Cherry Antipolo
  • Antipolo Triangle Mall

There are also well-stocked and highly-accessible grocery stores nearby, such as:

  • Robinsons Supermarket Antipolo
  • Savemore Market Xentro Mall Antipolo
  • Basta Supermarket Antipolo
  • Ultra Mega Supermarket Antipolo
  • Puregold Antipolo

Antipolo’s educational system is also quite robust, with these high-quality schools in the area: 

  • Assumption Antipolo
  • Nazareth Christian School of Antipolo
  • Marcelli School of Antipolo
  • Montessori Integrated School
  • Sacred Heart School of Antipolo

Since Antipolo is known for being a pilgrimage site, it should come as no surprise that there are plenty of churches to pay a visit to:

  • Parish of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
  • San Isidro Labrador Parish
  • The Transfiguration of Christ Parish Church
  • St. Therese of the Child Jesus Diocesan Shrine
  • Antipolo Cathedral

Price of an Antipolo, Rizal lot for sale

There are several options for an Antipolo, Rizal lot for sale to choose from. If a commercial lot is what you’re after, a small lot along Marcos Highway starts at Php 720,000. Most lots are around 3500 sqm, and they cost roughly Php 14,000,000 and up. The largest lots usually cost upwards of Php 600,000,000. 

For a residential Antipolo, Rizal lot for sale, the cheapest of these are usually foreclosed ones, which often start at Php 270,000. If you want a new residential lot, a small one in a secure subdivision starts at Php 412,000, while bigger options that measure 450 sqm and up cost upwards of Php 4,000,000. The largest ones, which are ideal for rental properties or subdivision developments, are priced as high as Php 456,000,000. 

There’s also agricultural land for sale in Antipolo. The price range for these kinds of lots starts at Php 4,657,000 for 1,000 sqm and can go up to Php 177,300,000 for 44,235 sqm.

Why Buy An Antipolo, Rizal Lot For Sale 

Antipolo is a premier residential area with plenty of commercial hubs dotted around the vicinity to make living and working in the area much more convenient. Buying an Antipolo, Rizal lot for sale means entering a lucrative real estate market with great growth potential. The real estate industry in Antipolo has swelled by 32% to Php 146,200,000 in the last 15 years thanks to the development of residential projects in the area.

Investment Opportunities 

With an Antipolo, Rizal lot for sale, you can look forward to joining the ranks of big-ticket developers like Megaworld, Filinvest, and Avida Land who have seen the investment potential of the area. Antipolo’s superior government services, excellent transportation services, accessibility, and convenience make it a promising location to invest in, especially because it’s been hailed as a potential business district in the future. 


Are there commercial lots for sale in Antipolo?

Yes, there are 123 commercial lots for sale in Antipolo. You can leverage many smart business opportunities with a commercial lot. 

Are there residential lots for sale in Antipolo?

Yes, there are 535 residential lots for sale in Antipolo. If you want to set up a peaceful permanent residence or lucrative rental property, Antipolo is the best place to do so. 

Are there agricultural lots for sale in Antipolo?

Yes, there are 17 agricultural lots for sale in Antipolo. Antipolo also has plenty of lots for sale which are ideal for growing crops or rearing livestock.